Jacob "will do all the opposite of Wauquiez", which was "in a logic of exclusion"


INTERVIEWThe return of the Republicans promises to be the most gloomy, this weekend in La Baule. Even the race for the presidency of the party fails to give a breath to the party of the right, swept during the last European (8.48%), which precipitated the resignation of Laurent Wauquiez.

Invited Saturday morning of Europe 1, Jean-Francois Cope wants to believe that Christian Jacob, ultra-favorite of the vote, and that he supports, will be able to give a new breath to LR. "Christian Jacob is the one who will reopen the doors and windows," assured the mayor of Meaux. "He will succeed, I hope, to do the opposite of his predecessor, who was in a logic of exclusion, to be now in a logic of reinclusion," said the mayor of Meaux, visibly against Laurent Wauquiez.

A "totally atomized" right

Jean-François Cope has drawn up an uncompromising inventory of the post-Wauquiez right. "In 2019, we went down to the bottom of the bottom 8%, absolute shame for this great party that was the Gaullist party, liberal, centrist, we carried together," said the former president of the UMP, become Republicans. According to him, the right "is totally atomized because it does not want to see that times have changed, that the world has changed, that we are really in the 21st century, and that must rebuild a doctrine". It is therefore necessary, for the mayor of Meaux, "to rebuild stone by stone the foundations of the house that collapsed".

And so for Jean-François Cope, it is Christian Jacob who is best able to raise the bar. "He is a professional, I dare say the word, he knows politics in the noble sense of the word for having practiced as mayor, as a parliamentarian, he knows men, women," he said. former MP. He will be able "both to bring back those who still want to do something right, but especially that will allow the debate to take place," said Jean-Francois Cope. "Allow people to speak with the French about what mobilizes them, what concerns them, what they expect, what they hope for, in short, to be an alternative leader of a government party."

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