Jack Letts, aka "Jihadi Jack", wants to come to Canada


"I always felt like I was a mix. And I went to Canada seven times and spent a lot of time, "said Letts, 24, in an exclusive interview with ITV News on Monday, a British channel. "My whole family is Canadian. "

"I have always expected Canada to help me and not to do it. I hope Canada will get me out of here if it can, "he added.

Jack Letts has been held in a Qamichli prison in northern Syria for more than two years.

Converted to the Muslim religion, Mr. Letts, who grew up in Oxford, UK, joined Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria in 2014. He was captured by the Kurdish YPG militia after his death. to be escaped from Raqqa shortly before his fall.

The most stupid thing that is

The young man claims he is not a murderer or a torturer, and that going to Syria "was probably the most stupid thing ever."

At the end of the week, the United Kingdom revoked the citizenship of Jack Letts, who is also a Canadian citizen.

Upon hearing the news, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale expressed disappointment that the United Kingdom had taken this unilateral step to discharge its responsibilities.

One destination

Letts is now asking to be hosted in Canada after unsuccessfully seeking UK support on the UK channel ITV News last February.

"I feel British, I'm British. My father is Canadian, he said then. If the UK would accept me, I would go back to the UK, it's my home, but I do not think it's going to happen. "

Mr. Letts said he learned of the revocation of his British citizenship through ITV News on Monday.

I'm not surprised. To be honest, I was expecting something like thathe admits.

Trudeau does not say anything, Scheer "will not lift a finger"

When the Prime Minister was asked Monday whether Mr. Letts would be allowed to come to Canada, Justin Trudeau did not respond, saying only that the government continues to recognize that it is a crime to travel for the purpose of participating in Canada. terrorist activities.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer said Letts should remain locked up and his party would not intervene if he wins the October federal election.

Jihadi Jack is currently in prison and this is where he should stay. A Conservative government under my leadership will not lift a finger to bring it back to Canada.

Andrew Scheer

According to Letts' father, John Letts, who is from southern Ontario but lives in Oxford, the Kurds last year expressed their willingness to hand over his son to the Canadian authorities. He said that Global Affairs Canada had initially told the family that the ministry was working to get Jack released, but added that he gave up, saying the operation was dangerous.

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