"It's part of the show, it's part of Formula 1!"


Formula 1 World Championship 2018, Budapest, Hungary – 04 Aug 2019,, – © Pixathlon – BELGAIMAGE

The career of Sebastian Vettel does she take the easy way out of the pits for a final delivery of her helmet? Perhaps still premature, this question is becoming increasingly insistent in the small world of Formula 1, as the quadruple world champion seems in delicacy this season.

The air of Spa-Francorchamps, close to his native Germany, could be of a nature to give him the taste for victory. Especially since the last winner on the Ardennes circuit is none other than Vettel himself.

But since then, it is the desert crossing for the Ferrari driver, which characterizes the difficulties of his team to catch up on the competition. Targeted by a certain press in Italy, the German does he feel badly treated, despite his status? "No, not really, I do not know if it's the job of the press, or some people outside, to be respectful, probably not, is that right? No, but that's not the point, sometimes you have to tell a beautiful story, sometimes it's true, sometimes it's wrong to make such judgments, but in the end, it's part of the show, it's part of Formula 1. "

Find the complete interview of Sebastian Vettel this Saturday, on the front page.

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