"It's an opportunity to prove that we are a big family"


The Summer Match is in full swing on TF1. Every day since the beginning of the week, 24 of the greatest masters of midday come back to fight on the plateau 12 strokes of noon. This Wednesday, August 28, 2019, Xavier, who had left the game voluntarily after 76 participations in March 2013, faced Maxim, Benjamin and Arnauld. And once again, the candidate demonstrated his incredible knowledge by winning the game. He won his place for the final prize on Saturday, August 31st.

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Interviewed by Tele-Loisirs, the champion mentioned the need to take part in this special week of the game, after the scandal related to the case Christian Quesada (who was indicted and imprisoned at the end of March for "corruption of a minor" and "detention and dissemination of child pornography"). "It's even more important to be there! People repeat that we are a big family. Well, it's an opportunity to prove that these are not words in the air. We must stick together in bad times. This is not the best year the show has ever seen, but we're here"Xavier also commented that the game is changing format this season:"Personally, I'm quite a fan of the team format. After you have to see what happens during the show, but I have already participated in a lot of bonus, so it evolves."

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Obviously in love with the competition, he recently appeared in Questions for a champion on France 3. His pleasure does not lie in the gains. So much so that he admits he has not bought anything with his earnings. "My wins have changed my bank account, but not my life. Nothing at all. From now on, I'm an engineer for EDF in Paris, it's the same job that I left the game except before I was in Grenoble."

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