Italy – Round 2 – Serie A: Juventus snatch victory against Napoli after a spectacular match!


Soccer Soccer - Serie A - Juventus vs Napoli - Allianz Stadium, Turin, Italy - August 31, 2019 Juventus' Gonzalo Higuain embraces Cristiano Ronaldo as he is substituted off REUTERS / Massimo Pinca (Reuters)

Italy – Day 2

What a game ! If it took another argument to follow attentively the tempting season of Serie A, here it is: Juve and Naples have delivered a spectacular game, won by the Old Lady late in the game (4-3). Ronaldo and Higuain scored, as did Lozano who scored his first goal in the Neapolitan jersey.

The lesson: Juventus deflated, but got away

An exercise 2018-19 tasteless, many bitter reproaches here and there, not to mention leaders who wanted to sell it against some trinkets. Higuain was no longer really in the odor of sanctity with the Old Lady. But the Argentine did not run away, proving that he still had under his sole. A hook on Koulibaly later, and the former Real Madrid made lightning speak by sending the leather in the glasses of poor Meret (19e, 2-0). Juventus, after twenty minutes of play, could already see coming. Or almost. Danilo, freshly entered the game after a small physical glitch came upset De Sciglio, lit the first wick following a counter-led drum beating by Costa, putting his own on the right track (16).e, 1-0). The Napoli was caught in its own game, and the Bianconeri them, as well on attack placed as on some lightning transitions, crushed their vis-à-vis. Allan had nevertheless tried, obliging Szczesny (14e). The locals, to their advantage, brought their magnificent score to life in the first act. Khedira, after getting stuck on Meret (30e), hooked the crossbar with a splendid strike (32e). But it was finally out of the locker room, in a time of management, that Juventus thought to fold the case definitively. On a cross from the unstoppable Costa, Ronaldo was the first pawn of his season (3-0). For all, the mass was said. But that was not counting the Neapolitan upsurge.

The meeting was then rife, when Lozano, for his first time under the azzurro knitwear, went there from his banderilla on a center of Zielinski.

Before bowing for the third time, Mertens missed a goal ball (51e). Manolas did not miss the opportunity to narrow the gap with a helmet on a Ruiz offering (66e, 3-1). The meeting was then rushed when Lozano, for his first time under the azzurro knit, went there from his banderilla on a center of Zielinski (67, 3-2e). Costa, in the process, caught the post of Meret. Ruiz could not reset the counters (71e). But Di Lorenzo, yet at bay, was perfectly fine-tuned.e, 3-3). The game, gone crazy, tipped a little more into a pure madness in the last seconds, at the moment when Koulibaly condemned his own cruel against his camp (90 + 2e, 4-3). Terrible for the Partenopei who had not let it go. The Old Lady, meanwhile, could have a smile. But she will be scuttled.

The winner: Higuain, glitzy return

Maurizio Sarri had not abandoned him, renewing him again and again his infinite love. And the Argentinian, after a difficult start to the class last week against Parma, has returned him well. By his extraordinary pawn, showing the way to his troops, and, of course, by high score. From his back to the goal, to the accuracy of his discounts, Higuain has splashed this shock of his crazy talent, flaunting a considerable palette. His bosses, having done the impossible to refourguer, must not forget to be small. The man, despite his difficulties, showed a foolproof mentality and deserved much more consideration after the many services he rendered during his tenure. And his performance of the day is a perfect reminder

The loser: Koulibaly, absolute nightmare

His duel against Higuain did not put him in the best possible conditions. And the Senegalese has long cogit, quite logically. Without managing to emerge later, but without too much sinking, gradually regaining his mind. Until the additional time, during which he was the unfortunate author of a goal against his side, thus punishing the unlikely comeback of his own. Excruciating for a player of this quality. Nevertheless, his relentless nervousness during the match, will not have helped him. And his little tears at the final whistle should haunt him for a moment. – MY.

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