Announced a year ago, the plug-in hybrid version of the new X5 arrives in summer 2019 on the French market. His name: xDrive45e.

It combines a 3.0L gasoline engine of 286 hp and a 113 hp electric unit for a combined power of 394 hp and 600 Nm of torque. Everything is mated to the xDrive all-wheel drive and the 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission.

For comparison, its predecessor, dubbed xDrive40e, combined it a 2.0-liter twin-turbo engine of 245 hp and an electric motor of 113 hp for a total cavalry of 313 hp and 450 Nm.

BMW announces a 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds (6.8 seconds with the X5 xDrive40e) and a top speed of 235 km / h or 135 km / h in all-electric (against 210 and 120 km / h for the X5 xDrive40e). Thanks to a lithium-ion battery of 24 kWh, the autonomy in zero-emission mode varies between 67 and 87 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle (31 km before) while the consumption is announced between 1.2 and 1.9L / 100 km and CO2 emissions between 27 and 44 g / km (3.3 L / 100 km and 78 g / km for the X5 xDrive40e).

The load volume loses on its side 150 liters compared to a thermal X5 and is between 500 and 1.720 liters.

Price of this BMW X5 xDrive45e: € 82,900 in entry-level "Lounge" finish (3-zone air conditioning, cruise control, front and rear parking assist, 5.7-inch digital instrumentation, multimedia system with 12-inch touch screen , 3 inches and GPS navigation …).

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