Independent repairers will be able to buy from Apple to repair the iPhone out of warranty



div>Apple will make life easier for iPhone users who do not necessarily have an Apple Store nearby. The manufacturer will provide independent repairers with the same parts, tools, repair and diagnostic manuals for the iPhone as Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs). They will have all the necessary elements to repair an out-of-warranty smartphone (for repairs covered by the guarantee, it will always be necessary to go to an AASP or the Apple Store).

The Independent Repair Provider (IRP) program will launch in the United States, with an extension planned for other countries. " We believe that the safest and most reliable repairs are those performed by trained technicians who use original parts that have been properly designed and rigorously tested. "Says Jeff Williams, the boss of operations.

Independent repairers interested in the program can subscribe for free, but they will need at least one Apple certified technician who can carry out the repairs. The certification is " simple and free Just go to this address to find out more. Once the sesame is in your pocket, the repairer will receive the same tools as an AASP, at the price of an AASP.

Apple has experimented with 20 independent repairers in North America, Europe and Asia. No doubt the rest of the world will be served as quickly as possible, because it is especially outside the United States (where the network of Apple Store and AASP is the densest) that the needs are the most glaring.

In recent years, Apple has relaxed its policy in this area. The manufacturer has improved its screen calibration system which is now software. In March, the rumor had also announced a greater flexibility of the manufacturer in this area.

The speech of the Apple however remained ambiguous, testifies the "lock" which prevents the function Battery status to do his job with a battery replaced by an unauthorized technician. Not to mention the sometimes fierce lobbying of Apple against the right to compensation desired by several US states.

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