Increased graffiti in Edmonton


This is the case of Capital Power Clean, a company that erases graffiti.

"In the last six, seven months, it's just crazy," says company president Spencer Stephenson.

A man in an alley.

Spencer Stephenson says his company is extremely busy this year and receives a lot of calls from people who need his services to clear graffiti.

Photo: CBC / Travis McEwan

He explains that he usually receives three or four calls per week from people who need his services, but that since the beginning of the year they are three or four calls a day. He had to hire additional staff to meet the demand.

Spencer Stephenson adds that it is not unusual to send a team to remove a graffiti and have to send a team again a few days later, because the same graffiti has made its appearance again.

A man wearing a protective mask uses a jet of water on a wall.

A man working hard to clear graffiti in downtown Edmonton.

Photo: CBC / Travis McEwan

Edmonton police say they have tightened their surveillance. In July, four men were arrested in connection with a series of graffiti.

On Thursday, the police asked for help from the population to identify the person or persons responsible for a graffiti that was painted on nearly 70 properties throughout the capital.

The City of Edmonton is offering businesses $ 750 to clean up the damage caused by graffiti. Since the beginning of the year, it has received 380 applications, while there has been a total of 400 for the whole of 2018.

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