Inconstant but superior Bleus do the job against the Italians before going to Japan


The Blues have reassured against Italy before the start of the World Cup. – Bertrand GUAY / AFP

  • France faced Italy in their last warm-up match before flying to the World Cup in Japan.
  • The XV of France took advantage of the Italian feverishness to prevail widely 47-19.

At the Stade de France,

The rugby team of France is a car that builds confidence and we were constantly told that it had to refuel before leaving
in Japan. Must say that it is far, Japan, and it would have been stupid to find yourself dry before arriving at destination. By beating Italy 47-19 in a
Stade de France sadly empty (25,000 people …), the Blues have therefore garnered confidence, avoided yet another melodrama, and that's about all. Because if the nullity of the evening opponent has preserved the XV of France a second setback, it prohibits all enthusiasm despite the river score.

Good start, bazaar and rugby league

In the hodgepodge of uncertainties that this team will face Argentina on September 21, we still welcome a constant, that of starting matches full throttle. A good kickoff of Ntamack, a quick wing change and an opportunistic Huget to flatten. Even if the young opening half fills his transformation behind, we say that we left to get bored against a non-existent opposition.

But it was not counting on the genius of Brunel's men, capable of scuttling like no one else on this planet. Masterclass: In four minutes, Picamoles takes a yellow, Parrisse takes advantage of French infantile passivity to quickly play a penalty and send Bellini a ridiculous try. To make matters worse, Slimani also sees yellow in stride. Champion brother. Not to mention the plethora of inaccuracies and balloons delivered to the opponent included in the pack.

Italy distributed gifts as at Christmas

The advantage of playing against a team of second zone, or rather between two zones, because Italy is lost somewhere between the level VI Nations A and B is with a little nerves and a feat individual always ends up getting by. Enjoying a decisive interception of Fickou in the French 5 meters and three quick passes, the Toulouse winger, stuck on the sideline, takes the ball and shares in his fantasies. A crazy run and two kicks later, he gets a penalty try and brings the Italians back to their reality. After that, there was nothing left to do. Cat, Iturria, Dupont … We ended up losing the thread, but we are not far from thinking that all France went there from his essay.

A febrile defense

Despite a second one-sided act, the Blues still managed to scuttle the certainties acquired against Scotland in defense. Two tests cap – we still wonder how Iturria and Dupont were fooled in this way on the first – and a sempiternal question: these Blues are they able to make a full match? Because every time they correct their faults, we think tonight of commitment in the rucks or the game on foot, they do it at the expense of the previously satisfactory little things. But let's not say too much, we should not belittle the trust of guys.

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