Inauguration of the Diamond: 1000 times more spectacular than expected, says Robert Lepage


On Friday morning, Le Diamant hosted the dignitaries, elected officials and partners, as well as the media for a guided tour and a press conference.

The entry of Le Diamant, Robert Lepage's new broadcast room in Quebec City.

The entry of Le Diamant, Robert Lepage's new broadcast room in Quebec City.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Nicolas Vigneault

But just before this inauguration, the director and initiator of the project expressed how pleased he is to present it to the public. In interview on the show First hour with Claude Bernatchez, Robert Lepage said that the end result lives up to his expectations, even more so.

It's a thousand times more exciting, beautiful, spectacular than we had imagined!

Robert Lepage

Present at the press conference, Robert Lepage addressed his guests, followed by elected officials, such as Minister Nathalie Roy of Culture and Mayor Régis Labeaume.

Robert Lepage in front of a lectern and a microphone reading a text

Robert Lepage at the press conference to inaugurate Le Diamant in Quebec City.

Photo: The Diamond

Over the weekend, the Diamond team and its volunteers are preparing to welcome visitors who have purchased a ticket for the inaugural activities. Activities that display complete.

I think this place would have had an impact on society anywhere in the world, says the volunteer leader for the inaugural activities, Mia Michaud, but it will be in Quebec City.

A woman with glasses and a sweater with the Diamond logo

Mia Michaud has many years of work in the tourism industry. She agreed to give her time to accompany the Diamond volunteers.

Photo: provided by Le Diamant

Ms. Michaud believes that theater is a sublime place in which people will recognize themselves.

There is a feeling of warmth, it was designed for humans. The effect is similar to that of the opening of the Maison symphonique de Montréal.

Mia Michaud

Note that Le Diamant and its home will be open to everyone from Tuesday to Sunday from noon to 6 pm from September 3rd. Volunteers will act as a guide to discover the places.

An imposing sculpture inside the Diamond in tribute to Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly.

An imposing sculpture inside the Diamond in tribute to Puccini's opera Madame Butterfly.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Nicolas Vigneault

Do you remember the underground project?

It was in the early 2000s. Mayor Jean-Paul L'Allier wants to find a vocation for the tunnel never built, at the end of an abandoned ramp on the Dufferin-Montmorency Highway.

The initiator of the project and director Robert Lepage visits this forgotten cave. He explains in a video on the Facebook page of the Diamond that the project was wonderful, but too expensive.

As we say in cinema, the money was not on the screen.

Robert Lepage

It is in 2011 that the building of the former YMCA is bought and that the project to create a theater district in place of Youville is gaining momentum. Also on Facebook, Lynda Beaulieu, sister of Robert Lepage and President of the Diamond, said that Mayor Régis Labeaume participated in the idea, knowing that this place was in great need of renovation.

Lynda Beaulieu on a small stage talking in a microphone

Lynda Beaulieu is the president of the Diamond. She is also the sister of the director.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Julia Caron

The latter states that in 15 years, the idea of ​​the Diamond has seen three different mayors, four prime ministers in Quebec and two in the federal government.

Each time, we went back almost to zeroshe admits.

August 30, 2019 officially marks the realization of the dream. The first performance will take place on September 7th with The seven branches of the Ota River.

A production that has history, since it is the first project of Robert Lepage for his company Ex Machina in the 90s.

the Diamond Broadcast Room seen from the inside

With Le Diamant, Robert Lepage wanted a room designed for different types of performing arts, including opera.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Nicolas Vigneault

And history, there will be in the place of diffusion that is the Diamond, promises Elizabeth Farinacci. The story reflects from all over the building, she says. Its facade has been preserved, in a Second Empire style, and put forward by imposing windows.

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