In Vern-Beach, lifeguards without bathers


Because of the cyanobacteria that appeared on August 6, 2019, swimming is prohibited at the beach of Vern-sur-Seiche. But the supervisors are confident and hope that she will be allowed again before the end of the season.

Paturiaux Beach, Seiche Valley, also known as Vern-Beach, is frequented by entire families, young people or children welcomed at the leisure center.

Unfortunately since August 6, to swim you have to go elsewhere. And that does not work out since the results of analyzes that fell on Friday confirm the ban on bathing.

Clément Jaume and Nikolai Zhuralvov are the lifeguards assigned to the surveillance of the beach since July 6th.

"Bad weather set in at the same time as cyanobacteria on August 6," Clement regrets, and some days it's the desert. Even the ice cream vendor fumbled.

Fortunately, the good weather returns makes reappear holidaymakers. "People come to read, rest, play beach games, sometimes borrowing a book that works well", highlight the watchers of the beach. And in July, "Sometimes there was not room to spread a towel, people took advantage of all the space".

A serene season

Every Wednesday afternoon in July, the Marsh Center has offered free entertainment and games of snowshoes, molky, balloons, giant games and society.

The two months went off without any particular problems, only a few small insignificant cuts to report. Beach users often come from Rennes and surrounding communities. "They know the place and appreciate it"confirm the supervisors. Every day, there are people on the beach, well before the arrival of the two lifeguards who control swimming from 14h to 19h. They scrutinize the latest results of analyzes that must fall soon.

The beach will close on Sunday 1st September evening. On this day swimming will be prohibited anyway because of the fishing marathon organized by the association of Martin-fishermen. Then the days that will follow because it is the regulation: a decree prohibits swimming outside July and August, where this period is monitored.

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In Vern-Beach, lifeguards without

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