In the United States, Apple Pay still far behind the credit card


The United States is not the most advanced country in terms of payment. And even more in the field of mobile payment. In China last year, more than 80% of consumers paid for purchases via their smartphones for example (read our digital reviews on this subject). In India, the authorities are pushing for the abandonment of paper cash.

Across the Atlantic, according to Bain, Apple Pay is leading mobile payment systems … but only 9% of US consumers use it. PayPal is far ahead because the online service, whose benefits go beyond mobile payment, are used by 44% of consumers. Apple has had the good luck to point out that its service recruited more new users than PayPal, but it is not enough to give it a shadow.

Traditional payment systems are largely in the lead: the credit card has an adoption rate of 80%, cash 79%, debit card 59%, and the good old check 53%. Given these numbers and the massive use of the credit card, it is not surprising to see Apple launch into the niche.

But the Apple Card is not just a card; it is also and above all a vehicle for Apple Pay. The Apple does everything for: while the Daily Cash is 2% with Apple Pay, it is limited to 1% when buying with the physical card. The titanium card is finally an elegant (and fragile) step to push the adoption of Apple Pay.

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