In Geneva, hundreds of French "yellow vests" denounce police violence


Several hundred "yellow vests"French marched Saturday in the quiet between the French border and the Palais des Nations, headquarters of the UN in Geneva (Switzerland), to denounce the police violence.

"Stop political violence", asked a banner placed on the floor of the Place des Nations, facing the European headquarters of the UN, while under the sun, the demonstrators from the border regions of Switzerland gathered in the Place des Nations, traditional place event in Geneva.

"I'm here before the United Nations to revolt a little on the condition (imposed by French President Emmanuel) Macron yellow vests because police violence, we really tasted", told Patricia AFP,"yellow vest"coming from Lyon, with"Titou", his little dog also wearing his vest on which was written the message"Social and climatic resistance".

"We are the country of human rights anyway, France, you realize the signal that is given to the whole world: the France that savages its citizens! "she added.

Several people posing as victims of the police repression ofyellow vests", unprecedented social movement born November 17 against a backdrop of rising taxes before extending to a series of social claims, were present in the procession, as for example David Breidenstein, seriously injured in the left eye by a shot of LBD in March in Paris.

"Swiss police respect us to death, it's crazy stuff"

"I am proud to have come from Troyes, I am very happy to be here"he said."I especially thank the Swiss for having welcomed us like that because the Swiss police respect us to death, it's a crazy thing"while"in France, it is direct of the hype".

The rescuer who had taken care of Breidenstein in March was also among the protesters. Jean-Marie David, installed at the Place des Nations where he started a hunger strike, had a present for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, whose offices are in Geneva.

"I wanted to show him and give him a small necklace (which hangs a projectile LBD) if she meets Mr. Macron, she can show him with what we shoot at the French people and the rescuers"he explained.

In March, the High Commissioner had called forthorough investigation"on the police violence that allegedly occurred during the demonstrations of"yellow vests"since mid-November."We encourage the French Government to continue the dialogue and urge a thorough investigation of all reported cases of excessive use of force"she said.

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