In Coudekerque-Branche, a woman beats firefighters and police officers who came to rescue her


This Wednesday around 9 pm, a woman called the fire brigade to tell them that she was going to end her days. Immediately, the helpers left to assist him and avoid a tragedy. But when firefighters arrived at the address indicated, rue Émile-Walcker, behind the Coudekerque-Branche cemetery, the complainant was walking her dog.

She was strongly alcoholic. At the sight of the firefighters, she began to insult them and then spit on them, even trying to kick them. A police patrol arrived at the scene. The police were treated the same way.

At approximately 9:20 pm, firefighters and police officers were kicked in the legs. They were threatened with death, copiously outraged. It is with great difficulty that the security forces managed to arrest the woman, 43 years old. She was taken into custody.

Without a fixed address, she was summoned before the Criminal Court in the course of 2020, for violence, threats, insults and rebellion against persons in charge of public authority and persons entrusted with a public service mission. Three police officers and three firefighters filed a complaint during this intervention.

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