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US OPEN – It was obviously too much for Roger Federer. Asked in New York about the schedule of his third round against Daniel Evans, while the British had concluded his previous match Thursday in the afternoon, the Swiss has swept the accusations of favoritism from the organization of the tournament.

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Nevertheless, because he is Federer and he attracts crowds, all tournaments often tend to place him in the night session or at the heart of the day, just to create the event. To see him open the ball on the Central this Friday was something relatively unexpected. Was it a request from him? To this question, the man of the 20 Majors gave a scathing answer.

An eternal controversy

"Not reallyhe first let go. I do not remember asking for anything. (…) I do not even know if my team asked to play by day. I know we have questions about our preferences, though. But that does not mean: 'Roger asks, Roger gets'. Remember that because I'm tired of hearing that bullshit. I'm tired and tired of hearing that I pull the strings. It's the tournaments and the TV channels that decide".

"We can give our opinion, that's all, he added. But I will still come play if they schedule me at 4amAware that his outing had surprised his audience, Federer immediately poured water into his wine, all with a big smile.

" – Reporter: Maybe my question seemed stupid …"

"– Roger Federer: Maybe (smiling). Like my stupid answer before."

In November 2018, Julien Benneteau's flamethrower had already raised a hare. At the time, the Australian Open of the same year saw the Swiss face Struff in the evening while the exciting Monfils-Djokovic was scheduled during the day and under a blazing sun. Despite the difficulties of the game that day, the Serb had defended the idea of ​​an advantageous programming concerning Federer.

"As for programming, as for all the important things, everyone is on an equal footing because it must also go through the ATP filter, not just the organization of the tournament itself.", explained Djokovic, before recalling the essential:"if Federer is treated specifically, it is because his popularity and his ability to titillate the audiences belong to him alone: ​​people want to see him play at 19:30 in night session on the Rod Laver Arena. I understand Julien, but players like him have also benefited from what Federer did for tennis. It must be understood that Federer is a force for tennis, in terms of income, attention, etc.Obviously, a year and a half later, things have not changed much.

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