"I'm not saying hello to Serena Williams"


In an interview with CBS, Naomi Osaka commented on his relationship with Serena Williamswhile sharing interesting information. The Japanese player, who defeated the American in the controversial final of theUS Open from last year, said: "I have enormous respect for her.

You know, he's a person I've admired all my life. So I always feel a little shocked every time she reaches out to me. And I do not know. I do not say hello to him or anything because … I'm so nervous.

It always looks like she's doing something important, so I do not want to interrupt her. And then – I really want to talk to her about life, all of this, and how she manages to do things on and off the court.

But … I do not want to disrespect her, and try to talk to her as if she were my mentor while she's still playing. So, I'm a little paralyzed by that ". Osaka does not want to be compared to the 37-year-old legend: "I should win something like 20 times more Grand Slam to be his equal.

She has accomplished so much. So no way. I'm just very grateful for what I'm playing. I tried, for example, to take each day as a new experience and learn from everything. "

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