ICT Tip: Telegram or WhatsApp, what's the difference?


Telegram and WhatsApp are two giants of instant messaging. In Burkina Faso, WhatsApp is known and used by many Internet users to the detriment of its rival Telegram. On July 3, when social networks Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp reported a giant failure, several users switched to Telegram. In this column, we present the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp.

Ranked by the top 10 most used applications (in 2018), Telegram and WhatsApp have respectively 200 million and one billion 500 million users around the world. Despite this difference between the two applications, Telegram has advantages that make you want to use it.

According to some application developers, there is a separation of professional life and personal life. WhatsApp is already widely used in personal life and employees do not necessarily want to mix pro and personal life. With Telegram, the separation of the two domains is possible.

Regarding the use of the various access objects, Telegram can be used on different access media. Thus, it can be used only on a computer without the user using it on his smartphone. Similarly, if you use Telegram on a smartphone, it does not have to be connected for Telegram to be used on another device.

With WhatsApp, if we delete the photos and videos, we do not find them later. While with Telegram, you can program this application to delete photos and videos after a set time. Then, each time we reconnect to the application, the media is automatically reloaded as it is displayed on the screen. There is therefore no prescription date for displaying content while significantly reducing the storage.

Telegram gives the possibility to send a file of a size of 1 400 Mb (maximum) unlike WhatsApp.

Telegram and terrorism

Created in 2013 by the Russian brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov, Telegram was a means of communicating out of sight of the Russian Secret Service for Internal Security Affairs. Indeed, the two brothers are opponents of President Vladimir Putin.

According to several revelations, Telegram would be a very used application by Daesh terrorists (Islamic State). In an interview with TechCrunch in 2014 Pavel Durov (co-founder of Telegram) was faced with this. The creator of the app explained that "our right to privacy is more important than our fear of bad things (…) like terrorism".

Later, following the attacks of 13 November 2015 in France, the press noted that Telegram is one of the favorite applications of terrorists.

The site Monastuce.net (https://www.monastuce.net/telegram-vs-whatsapp-what-messaging-use/) concludes that "if your privacy concerns you, Telegram will not compromise and give up encryption earlier than WhatsApp. Thus, using Telegram makes more sense if you want to convey sensitive information or if you are in a country / region where the authorities have oppressed the voices and concerns of citizens. "(Click here to read the full text)

Cryspin Masneang Laoundiki



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