Ice Cube blows out the Clippers and wants them to leave the city


The successful rapper and producer Ice Cube, a fan of the Lakers since childhood, has not hesitated to proclaim loudly that he wants the hated enemy, the Clippers, to leave the city. Just that.

In recent years, the Clippers are taking more and more space in Los Angeles. For a long time, the Lakers overwhelmingly dominated the City of Angels, of which they were undisputed masters. The Clippers, meanwhile, have often been part of the dunces of the League and squatted the depths of the Western Conference.

Except that since the beginning of 2010, it is the Clippers who are reversing the trend. Their golden age with the Lob City period corresponds to a big period of depression for the Lakers, the worst of their history in terms of balance sheet.

With the arrival of LeBron James in 2018, fans of purple and gold thought finally see the end of the tunnel. The Lakers were able to resume their place on the throne. It has not happened. The franchise with 16 champion banners has had a complicated year between wounds, tensions and defeats that follow one another. Result, a very disappointing tenth place, and the first playoffs missed for LeBron for 13 years.

At the same time, the Clippers have defeated all predictions. While everyone saw them occupying the far end of the West, they, thanks to an impressive collective strength, managed to qualify in the playoffs. What make the performance of the Lakers even harder to swallow for their fans.

This summer, both teams had plenty of room in their salary cap, allowing them to be aggressive in the free agent market. The Clippers, who seduced thanks to their superb season, signed the biggest free agent of the summer in the person of Kawhi Leonard. And they linked him to a certain Paul George, eager to leave OKC to return home to Los Angeles. If they did not sign large fish through the free agent market, the Lakers still had their superstar ripping off Anthony Davis to the Pels. Both franchises have, in one summer, made Los Angeles the stronghold of NBA. Two over-armed teams within the same city is unheard of.

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The lack of room for two behemoths like these is likely to be felt in the city of angels. That's what Ice Cube, a fan of the Lakers, thinks. For him, the Clippers have nothing to do in Los Angeles and he would like to see them find a new home.

The Clippers are like your cousin who moved into your home and starts thinking it's his house because he's been here for so long. I really think they should move the team. We did not ask them to come here. I think it's unfair to so many cities in America that do not have a team, like Seattle, when we have two teams here at L.A.

They should move because this will never happen to them here (to be number one). They should just leave and take the Chargers (NFL team located in San Diego since 1961 before being moved to Los Angeles in 2017) with them.

The Clippers, if they should not leave Los Angeles, still want to take their independence. While playing their home games at Staples Center, which is closely tied to the purple and gold franchise, the Clippers want to put an end to this shared custody. They launched a project that aims to have the franchise own room by 2024. A good start for a franchise that has great ambitions in the years to come.

Unfortunately for Ice Cube, his wish should not be granted. However, Los Angeles can boast of having two of the top favorites in it, and the fratricidal duels between the two franchises promise to be grand.

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