I thought Serena Williams would have retired


In an interview, the Romanian Sorana Cirstea commented that Serena Williams continued to win at a high level after giving birth. "I thought Serena Williams would not come back"admitted Cirstea.

"Hat down to her. I like the way she plays because I am a fan of aggressive tennis. She is not my favorite player, but I can appreciate what she does well.

She had the idea of ​​aggressive play in women's tennis because before that, they were mainly trying to hit the ball beyond the net. Serena and Venus have changed tennis and I have always been a fan of their game.

I wanted to see his matches at theAustralian Open. She's 37, she won all she could, but in Australia this year, I saw her go to the net and use the angles. It's a big change.

She probably figured out that she had to do something new. In general, people who watch tennis underestimate Serena because they see her build. It looks like it can not act quickly on the court.

It serves so well and comes back so well that it forces you to stay on the defensive, and on almost every point. Nobody serves as Serena. She directs (the game) from the beginning. It's very difficult because she also stays on the bottom line and she takes the ball very quickly.

His points do not last too long, so his matches are pretty fast. She's so smart that she realized she could not move any faster so she changed her strategy. "

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