"I feel better match after match" – Bojan Krkic


The Spanish striker has been in the last three games of the Impact, and has been on the pitch for the last 24 minutes of the game in Chicago on August 8th.

The only goal in the defeat against Toronto FC last week, the former FC Barcelona has shown the full extent of his talent in recent games by leading several dangerous breakthroughs in the enemy zone.

"As I said when I arrived, it's been a long time since I played in a game. I feel better match after match. I feel good physically, I am more comfortable and confident with the ball. I get to know my teammates every day as well, which helps me a lot, "Bojan said Friday morning before a video session the coach held on the eve of the match against D.C. United at Saputo Stadium.

Trust comes in playing. So far, I have played in four games and I feel that I am progressing well.

Bojan Krkic

"The first thing I noticed was that he's a good person and he has good ethics," said teammate Daniel Lovitz. "We have seen since Day 1 that he is a good person and that he is here for the right reasons. It's always difficult to transition for these kinds of players from another continent and adjust to a new style of play. "

Arrived in Quebec in early August, Krkic did not have much time to think of anything other than soccer. Saturday's game will be his fifth in three weeks. However, he took a little time to discover his new city.

"When I'm not at the training center, I do everything to be my best. I rest well and I pay attention to my diet. Obviously, Montreal has great restaurants and that's how I discover the city for now, "said the 28-year-old.

The most important game of the season

With a win on Saturday against D.C. United, the Impact will climb to the top of a rank in the Eastern Conference standings. He is currently 7th, tied with Toronto, just in the playoff picture.

"This is the most important game of the season tomorrow [Saturday]," says Daniel Lovitz. "It's an opportunity to play against a team that lacks some important pieces. The dynamic is not the same for them lately. We will have to be the aggressors and play with confidence. "

The Impact will not have to negotiate with star midfielder Wayne Rooney for this game. The Englishman will then finish his suspension of two games ordered by the MLS for his violent behavior in a match against the Red Bulls of New York on August 21st.

Our preparation does not change. They will not have Rooney and we will not have Piatti.

Wilmer Cabrera, head coach of the Montreal Impact

"It would have been nice to beat them on the field with him. In the past, some might have had more energy to get his jersey than face it in the field, "said Daniel Lovitz.

The Impact will attempt to win two straight games in MLS for the third time this year.

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