Hurricane Dorian threatens Florida


In South Florida (USA), queues in front of gas stations are endless. As Hurricane Dorian approaches, the priority of residents is to make reservations. "We're as ready as we can be, we have a generator and fuel, that's all we need", rejoices a woman. Food stores are also under attack. A local resident has a gas barbecue in case of power failure.

Hurricane Dorian keeps getting stronger. It is now in category 4 out of 5. Gusts of wind could exceed 225 km / h. The US president, who canceled his official trip to Poland, talks about a "absolute monster". These violent winds will be accompanied by heavy rains. Authorities in Miami, Florida, warn: you have to prepare for the worst and secure your home. The state of emergency has been declared in Florida. The hurricane is expected on its shores Monday, September 2nd. He should wait for the Bahamas on Sunday.

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