Hurricane Dorian: the "absolute monster" that threatens the United States and the Bahamas


He is more and more powerful and therefore more and more dangerous. Hurricane Dorian, which threatens the Bahamas and the Southeast United States is now in category 4 on a scale of 5.

Winds at 225 km / h. Friday night at this Paris time, Dorian went into category 4 on a scale of five, according to the American Hurricane Center (NHC). The wind can reach an average speed of 225 km / h for one minute.

What is worrying is that the pressure continues to descend at a significant speed. This raises fears of a strengthening of Dorian in the coming hours.

This provided animation shows the magnitude of the weather phenomenon and its course on Friday. The weather channel also highlights the fact that Dorian has suddenly strengthened in just 24 hours.

Depending on future developments, Dorian could be more dramatic than the hurricane Andrew, which in 1992 killed dozens of people and caused a lot of costly damage in Florida.

Tracks in the heart of the hurricane. The data on Dorian come, among other things, from the analysis carried out during aerial reconnaissance. Specialized crews go to the heart of the eye of the hurricane to take various measurements, such as temperature and pressure, and drop probes into the ocean. These flights are organized by the US Army and the Federal Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency.

"An absolute monster". In a video broadcast on Friday At night, Paris time, US President Donald Trump calls Dorian "absolute monster". He assures however that "we have the best people in the world" to cope. "But everything suggests that it will be very violent," he added, referring to Andrew.

In another message broadcast early Saturday Paris time, he recalled that it is an "extremely dangerous storm" and asks to "prepare and take shelter."

The head of state has canceled a trip planned this weekend in Poland to monitor the situation from the United States.

Bahamas and Southeastern Florida on the front line, uncertain outcome. The Bahamas has been placed on full alert. Dorian should hit them from Sunday morning until Monday night, between Sunday afternoon and the night of Monday to Tuesday in Paris, as shown on this map of the NHC.


Uncertainty remains for the rest of Dorian's journey. Current forecasts provide a more likely scenario than others. Dorian would first sweep southeastern Florida from the night of Monday to Tuesday (in the day of Tuesday in Paris) before going up the state to the north. While losing power, but retaining that of a hurricane, Dorian would severely affect the states of Georgia and South Carolina.

In Florida, the most heavily affected area could be where Donald Trump owns his Mar-a-Lago golf club.

Serious floods to be feared. A hurricane often causes more material and human damage because of the floods it causes. Winds are not necessarily the most critical element. This is the dreaded scenario with Dorian. It is moving at about 16 km / h for the moment.

This slow movement has a double consequence. Gusts of wind have the time to use materials, cause a lot of damage and endanger lives. Above all, precipitation will have time to accumulate and cause dangerous floods. While still a tropical storm, Dorian caused damage in Martinique.

For the passage from Dorian to the Bahamas, the US channel The weather channel anticipates accumulations of rainfall up to 50 cm. For Florida, the numbers are not yet available.

Nassau (Bahamas), Friday. Sandbags were filled with sand to limit the effects of the floods. Reuters / Catarina Demony
Nassau (Bahamas), Friday. Sandbags were filled with sand to limit the effects of the floods. Reuters / Catarina Demony

State of emergency in Florida and Georgia. The state of emergency has been declared in Florida and part of Georgia. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis asks Floridians to have seven days in advance of food and medicine. Federal means are already deployed to help the state of Florida. The governor reminded that it was necessary to evacuate in the areas that receive the order. But as Dorian's trajectory remains uncertain, according to the NHC, no mass evacuation has yet been organized.

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