Hurricane Dorian changes course and could partially save Florida


Hurricane Dorian, now in category 4 on a scale of 5, changed slightly on Saturday over the Atlantic and could partially save Florida after a stint on the particularly dangerous Bahamas.

According to the latest forecast from the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), Dorian is expected to continue moving westward over the weekend before diving north along the coast ofSunshine State".

In an early tweet, the NHC evokes "a noticeable change during the night", and warns against"high winds"and threatening storms on the shores of Georgia and South Carolina by mid-week ahead.

In the Bahamas, which should be hit Sunday, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has issued a call for mobilization. "Those who do not want to evacuate put themselves in great danger"he warned."I beg you: do not be foolish and do not try to brave the hurricane".

Get ready

Regional meteorological services told locals to prepare for "catastrophic damage".

"We've been told it's just a storm, but now we realize it may be a bit more serious"told AFP Lucy Worboys who lives in Nassau, the capital of the archipelago.

The return of her children, she explains, was postponed from Monday to Wednesday, possibly Thursday. "The tide is incredibly high now so people are scared of rising sea levels, as the Bahamas are very flat"she added.

US President Donald Trump, who felt the hurricane was threatening to become a "absolute monster", canceled the trip he had to make to Poland this weekend, to make sure in person that"all the means of the federal state is focused on the storm that happens".

"Get ready. Be prepared for an event that could span several days", warned the Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

"If you are in an evacuation zone and you are ordered to evacuate, please do so. Place your safety before the rest: it is better to evacuate and not finish the victim, rather than stay and put your life in danger", he added.

Florida, consisting mainly of a peninsula in the southeastern United States, is on the front line of the hurricane season every year.

With a very flat relief, the coastline is particularly threatened by rising water. The center of the land is also characterized by low altitudes. For the inhabitants, the main threat is therefore floods.

Emergency state

Some began evacuating to areas deemed safer, but the majority of them were in expectation.

The latest projections remove the prospect of major damage at the resort of West Palm Beach where Donald Trump has his famous golf club Mar-a-Lago, which he calls his "Winter White House".

This geographic proximity provided the former Prime Minister of Canada the opportunity for a spike to the Republican billionaire. "I dream of a hurricane strike against Mar-a-Lago", Kim Campbell, tweeting that Donald Trump denied climate change.

"Mar-a-lago can manage itself. It is a very powerful place. What worries me is the state of Florida"said the US president Friday night, before leaving for Camp David.

On site, residents were instructed to store water, food and possible health treatments to keep at least a week.

The state of emergency has been declared in Florida and in a dozen counties in the state of Georgia. This measure makes it possible to better mobilize the public services of the State and to resort if necessary to the federal aid.

According to a relief coordinator, 12,000 soldiers are currently in Florida pending the arrival of Dorian.

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