Hurricane Dorian approaches Bahamas


(Miami) Hurricane Dorian Saturday shut down most resorts in the Bahamas and persuaded the authorities to evacuate the population from much of the north coast and lowlands of the island.

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The Category 4 hurricane is expected to pour heavy rains in its wake, but is expected to move away next week from coastal areas in the US Southeast.

According to meteorologists, Dorian and its winds of up to 240 km / h will strike Sunday north-west of the Bahamas before heading north.

Its trajectory could enable it to avoid hitting the United States head on, but Dorian is still threatening to cause serious damage to Florida, Georgia and Carolina.

In the Bahamas, the few remaining tourists have been evacuated to schools, churches and other buildings as a precautionary measure.

"My house is all placarded and I'm getting ready to leave in a few minutes. We do not run any risk, said Margaret Bassett, a ferry pilot. When (the authorities) tell us to evacuate, we evacuate. It's in our best interest. "


A young boy helps his father secure the door of a residence on Saturday in Marsh Harbor, Bahamas.

Over the next two to three days, the hurricane could pour up to a meter of water in its wake, while releasing strong winds and causing a strong storm surge, according to a private meteorologist, Ryan Maue .

Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Minnis spoke briefly to the public through television. "Hurricane Dorian is a very devastating and devastating storm approaching our islands, "he warned.

Emergency state

Meteorologists expect that Dorian flirt on Tuesday and Wednesday with the southeastern US coastline slightly off Florida and Georgia, before skirting South Carolina and North Carolina on Thursday.

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster on Saturday declared a state of emergency to mobilize his state's resources should the hurricane penetrate inland.

President Donald Trump declared a state of emergency in Florida and authorized the Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to coordinate relief efforts in the event of a disaster.

The National Hurricane Center has let it be known that Dorian could still hit Florida even though its northward turn is considerable.


People enjoyed the beach at Daytona Beach, Florida, before the passage of Dorian.

Carmen Segura, a resident of Miami, installed storm shutters at her home, purchased additional gasoline, and stockpiled water and food for at least three days. She thinks she is well prepared for the worst, even though the latest weather forecast has calmed her down a bit.

"Part of me thinks: and now, what? ", did she say.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has warned the public not to give up their vigilance.

"If you look at these forecasts, the slightest deviation can have significant repercussions. If the hurricane is moving east, that's obviously good news. If he returns to the west, then we have to expect really, really important consequences, "he said.

Airlines have begun to allow their customers to change their reservation at no cost. Cruise lines have begun to divert their ship. Disney World and other resorts in the Orlando area remain under threat from Dorianbut have not yet announced that they will close their doors. The Florida authorities have not yet ordered any mass evacuation.

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