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Is it profitable to compete in the Europa League? Thursday, September 19, the European competition enters the thick of the subject with the beginning of the matches of the phase of hens (to follow on the chains RMC Sport). Forty-eight clubs, including AS Saint-Etienne and Stade Rennais, are vying to compete in the finals scheduled for May 27 in Gdansk, Poland. It will also be an opportunity for them to obtain financial endowments from UEFA, although these are much less important than those of the prestigious Champions League.

>> The draw for the group stage of the Europa League

The principle of financial redistribution takes place according to a regulation established upstream. Everything is based on the commercial revenue generated by all the continental competitions organized by UEFA. For this season 2019-2020, the governing body plans to collect 3.25 billion euros. All qualified clubs in Europe will share 93.5% of the net amount available, or 2.55 billion euros. Of this overall budget, only 560 million euros are allocated to clubs participating in the Europa League, the rest (2.04 billion) making the happiness of qualifiers in the Champions League and the European Supercup.

Fixed premiums and variables

Of UEFA's € 560 million UEFA Europa League, each club qualifying for the group stage receives a fixed participation bonus of € 2.92 million. A sum that is guaranteed to AS Saint-Etienne and Stade Rennais.

The second reason for redistribution is the results. During the group stage, a win is worth 570,000 euros and a draw delivers 190,000 euros. The first of each group get one million euros, and the second reap 500,000 euros. For the finals, each qualification awards a bonus: 500,000 euros for the round of 32, 1.1 million for the eighth, 1.5 million for the quarter, 2.4 million for the half, 4.5 million for the final . Finally, the winner will receive a jackpot of 4 million euros.

The 48 clubs in the group stage also share 84 million euros based on their ten-year UEFA coefficient. The lowest ranked team gets 71,430 euros. This minimum sum is multiplied by 48 to determine the income of the highest ranked club, or 3.42 million euros. Finally, the last criterion is variable and is based on "the value of each TV market of the clubs participating in the Europa League". According to their notoriety and their number of broadcasts, the teams share "proportionately" a sum of 168 million euros.

A solidarity bonus for Strasbourg

It should also be noted that solidarity payments exist for the clubs that participated in the preliminary rounds of the Europa League. An amount of EUR 107.5 million is foreseen for this purpose. RC Strasbourg, eliminated in the play-offs by Eintracht Frankfurt (1-0, 0-3), thus obtained 260,000 euros and 280,000 for taking part in the last two qualifying rounds, but also 300,000 euros for having arrived at the gates of the chick phase.

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