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Farewell the paved courtyard on the edge of the Bataclan in the hyper bobo eleventh arrondissement of Paris. The guests of "C to you" now have an appointment on the other side of the Seine. This summer, the daily of France 5 which starts again monday became gentrified while settling in two steps of the Invalides, in the district of the ministries! The studio is nestled on the ground floor of a very chic 7-storey building which housed so far the former headquarters of Michelin.

"It was mainly, in the nineteenth century, an audiovisual cable factory. It's fun to be there, "says Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, the host of the show. "But you'll see, the new loft is not bling-bling. We have tried to keep the privacy of our old cocoon because the heat of our apartment is on the screen, "adds the dapper presenter, pleased to serve as a guide.

"Be careful where you walk, there are cables lying everywhere on the ground," warns a worker. Three days before the start of the season, the technicians are still working behind the scenes. "We had expected a week of beating between the end of the work and the return of the show, and we did well," smiles Thierry Langlois, one of the bosses of Third Eye, the production company of the show.

360 degrees filmed

Phew, the loft is already brand new. Behind the false entrance door, the cameras are in place for the resumption of direct, Monday at 19 hours. The two large tables of the show have found their place in the center of this apartment of 163 m2 against 110 previously, open on two small indoor gardens.

The new studios of the show France 5 "C to you" ./LP/Philippe Lavieille
The new studios of the show France 5 "C to you" ./LP/Philippe Lavieille

The walls are covered with wood, or painted white or blue. False staircase, large library and red fridges: all the emblematic elements of the program created by Alessandra Sublet are back. Like the equipped kitchen where will follow the usual leaders of the house.

Some paintings and trinkets still have to be scattered here and there to bring a last touch of heat. "There are still technical details to settle, like the camera that ensures my close-ups. She is farther than before and as I am short-sighted, I do not see her, "jokes Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine.

Trinkets still have to be scattered here and there / LP / Philippe Lavieille
Trinkets still have to be scattered here and there / LP / Philippe Lavieille

Another technical novelty that will require the team to get used to: a camera on rail that can do all the tour of the scenery, 360 degrees. "Now we see our feet under the table, Marion Ruggieri (Editor's note: one of the columnists) will no longer be able to come in Moon Boots or sandals like last year, "says the host.

"We were on each other"

This move – which the production refuses to reveal the budget – is a sacred job that has occupied the team since the spring. It was necessary to recreate a control room able to emit every night live. "We had to move because we were starting to get cramped," says Pierre-Antoine Capton, the program's producer. We were on each other. It amused the American actors who found it very frenchy. But security level, it was wrong. And we were starting to annoy the neighbors with our concerts, "he adds.

Installed on a rail, a camera can go around the scenery / LP / Philippe Lavieille
Installed on a rail, a camera can go around the scenery / LP / Philippe Lavieille

This move, "C to you" owes it especially to the meteoric rise of its producer, who directs Mediawan. This group of society became in a few years one of the most important in Europe that produces "Alice Nevers", "Research Section", "Red Bracelets", "Ten Percent" or "The Name of the Rose". All the teams in these successful series have invested the top seven floors.

Catherine Deneuve for the fall season Maladement anxious, Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine assures that this move has made him "zen". The head in the boxes, it has returned late in its show whose audiences are good with 1.2 million viewers on average last season. For her first week, she will have some big interviews to prepare. On Monday, she will receive Catherine Deneuve, former godmother of Yann Barthès, who has become a fan of "C à Vous" since "Babeth" took the reins.

Are expected on the new set: Laurent Ruquier, Nicolas Sarkozy, Iggy Pop, Nagui and Woody Allen, for a sequence recorded this week on the terrace of the building overlooking the Eiffel Tower, which could be regularly used for live. But on Monday, the competition will be tough. On TMC, "Daily" will notably receive Yannick Noah and Franky Zapata, who crossed the Channel with his Flyboard this summer. Opposite, on C8, Cyril Hanouna, will welcome the actor Jean-Claude Van Damme.

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