he leaves with 14,000 confidential files (Lidar) and risks 10 years of prison


One could say that these kinds of cases only happen in the United States. Anthony Levandowski, a former engineer from Waymo (Alphabet / Google), is being sued by his former employer. It is indeed accused of taking away nearly 14,000 confidential files when he left in 2016 (by downloading them). It must be said that the gentleman was working on the development of laser detection and measurement systems (lidar) autonomous vehicles. He was even one of the founders of the working group. In true drama, his new employer (Otto) is redeem by Uberwho arrives at to negotiate an agreement with Google, in February 2018.

But justice (US) always ends up triumphing, since the engineer finds himself anyway in front of a federal grand jury for theft of trade secrets (and not less than 33 counts). It still risks 10 years imprisonment and $ 250,000 fine, in addition to a non-quantified sum in damages.

Image: TechCrunch


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