He claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin and finds himself paying billions of dollars in Bitcoin


On December 15, 2017, Bitcoin reached a historic value of $ 16,721.77. Its value has only fluctuated over the years, before stabilizing around 9000 dollars in recent months. A currency that attracts greed, especially that of Craig Wright, who presents himself as the inventor of Bitcoin. Attacked by the brother of his former colleague, Wright finds himself owed $ 5 billion in Bitcoin, just that.

$ 5 billion Bitcoin to donate

In 2015, a survey conducted by the Australian Taxation Office highlighted the connections between Wright and Bitcoin, the world's most famous cryptocurrency. The following year, the Australian entrepreneur revealed to be the man behind the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency was created in 2009 thanks to the joint efforts of Wright and Dave Kleiman, a computer scientist who died in 2013.

Determined to get his hands on the Bitcoin gold mine, Wright shared several pieces of evidence, whose dubious origins were quickly unmasked. Nevertheless, the Australian assures him, he is the creator of Bitcoin. These revelations did not fall on deaf ears and motivated Kleiman's brother to sue Wright in order to retake Bitcoin's share undermined by the two Australians, all of which would have been retained by Wright and whose half returns to his brother.

According to Kleiman, the mining of Wright and his brother would have generated a million Bitcoin. The case was brought to court in 2018 and the court delivered its verdict this week. The judgment is in Kleiman's favor but Wright claims he can not pay because he could not access his Bitcoin.

Concerned about the illegal use of Bitcoin, Wright in 2011 encrypted his Bitcoin and divided into several parts the encryption keys, which would have been given to Kleiman who would have had the responsibility to send them to various people. The different parts of the keys should be returned to him in early 2020, he assured the court.

But as the Guardian reports, Wright's story was deemed "inconceivable" by Judge Bruce Reinhart:

"During his testimony, Dr. Wright's behavior did not impress me as someone who told the truth." When the story is favorable to him, Dr. Wright seems to have an excellent memory and attention to detail. in the other case, Dr. Wright remains belligerent and evasive. "

The judge also indicated at the beginning of the session that the court would not be held responsible for the number of Bitcoin that Wright should pay back to Kleiman, or if Wright's identity, as Satoshi Nakamoto, was proven. According to the first calculations, the fortune of the real Nakamoto would amount to 10.45 billion dollars. Since half must be donated to Kleiman's brother, Wright owes him only $ 5 billion worth of Bitcoin. Is Wright the true inventor of Bitcoin? For the moment, difficult to prove it.

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