Hard blow: Messi's downtime for Barca is getting longer


Always very knowledgeable, especially on the Barça, Catalan radio Rac 1 has delivered bad news to Catalan fans: Lionel Messi should not return to the field as quickly as expected. The Argentine would have relapsed and should wait another month before driving back the lawns.

A blow for Barça who, like PSG with Kylian Mbappé, should compose without his maestro for the first day of the Champions League group stage as well as many Liga days.

If the information were to be confirmed (still waiting for a press release from the Barça doctors), the "Pulga" would also miss the first meeting of the season of Albiceleste, which will play against Chile on 6 September (in Los Angeles) and against Mexico on the 10th.

Barça fans must be delighted that their club has recruited Antoine Griezmann and more than ever pray for the Neymar operation to succeed, even if all transfers from around the world could not replace Messi.

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