Grand Paris Sud: the booming lifeguards continues


The strike continues. The Autonomous Union of agents of the Greater Paris Sud agglomeration (GPS) does not stop, faced with the elimination of hours of educational and physical preparation. Launched mid-July, the social movement continues, lack of opening negotiations with the presidency of the agglomeration.

During the summer, the union "preferred to conduct a citizen action, informing users of the situation, without penalizing them, especially during heat waves. In addition, many people can not go on vacation, "says Cynthia Boyer, representative of the Autonomous Union.

The union "ready to close pools"

With the summer holidays over and the situation stalled, the union decided to continue its fight and "raise the tone". In addition to continuing to communicate with swimmers, and to circulate a petition that has already collected "more than 700 signatures", the union says "ready to close pools during public reception hours".

These actions punches concern the basins of the former agglomeration community Évry Center Essonne (CAECE), namely the pools Jean-Taris and Agora Evry-Courcouronnes, Rene-Touzin Ris-Orangis and Long-Scale, of Lisses. Punctual closures could occur especially on weekends, where the public is more numerous.

For its part, the president (PS) of the agglomeration community, Michel Bisson, reiterates his remarks, held in mid-July: "If some lifeguards, especially those of the former CAECE, benefited from 4 hours per week of physical preparation some did not have one at all. So we proposed 3 hours. If we stick to what the Autonomous Union claims, we would then move towards a two-speed system, while the agents have identical missions ".

And to add: "The agglomeration has a great ambition in swimming. In the future, we want to develop a vast pool plan. These projects show our confidence in the lifeguards, and guarantee that the job will not weaken, and that we do not despise it, as the Autonomous Union can say, "concludes Michel Bisson.

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