Government Council approves increase in family allowances


The increase in family allowances from 200 to 300 dirhams in the framework of the social dialogue was ratified on 29 August at a meeting of the Government Council. The benefit will be paid from September with retroactivity until July.


Thee August 29, the council of the government has definitely endorsed, as part of the social dialogue, the increase in family allowances. The latter will increase from 200 dirhams to 300 dirhams for each of the first 3 children for employees in the private sector. This text corroborates the decision of the Board of Directors of the National Social Security Fund held on 17 July.

According to the figures of the CNSS, 32% of the beneficiaries of these allowances receive less than the SMIG. 40% of the beneficiaries have a salary declared to the CNSS which is between the amount of SMIG and 4000 dirhams per month. To do this, a total budget of 7.78 billion dirhams per year has been released.

In 2018, in the private sector, the CNSS paid family allowances to 1.32 million insured persons for a total of 5.5 billion dirhams.

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