Google Pixel: production will be relocated from China to avoid taxes


Google's smartphones would now be manufactured in Vietnam at a former Nokia factory, rather than in China.

Pixel 3 on the left and Pixel 3a on the right

The economic war between China and the United States is still raging. While the Huawei Mate 30 could pay the costs, Google seems to take the lead in relocating the production of its devices.

The very serious Japanese newspaper Nikkei says that Google will move the production of its smartphones Pixel from China to Vietnam. The project started this summer, when the conflict between the United States and China intensified. Google wants to use an old Nokia factory in northern Vietnam, and reuse part of Samsung's supply circuits in the country a decade ago.

Growing production

This production change will affect the Pixel 3a before the end of the year, and could also affect the Pixel 4 futures. In this way, Google would avoid any taxes put in place by the Trump government.

Google also intends to double its smartphone production after the growing success of its Pixel range, especially thanks to the Pixel 3a and its very good value for money. The firm will not be able to abandon China as quickly as it wants.

Google Pixel 4

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