good deals have already started this Friday on the Esplanade


" We do not sell Monsieur, we store our cases. The smile of the secondhand shop is worth its weight in gold. This Friday serves as the unofficial first day of the Braderie de Lille. From this morning, business is going well on the facade of L'Esplanade. The spot, known to some insiders, opens more and more early to the public, to those Lille who know that before the hour, it's the right time. Cyril slides: « We knew we had to go today … There are beautiful rooms and not many people unlike the Sunday afternoon and that is very interesting … He is looking for small collector cars and comics. It will be served.

A stand further, Raymond, come as a regular in Belgium, spreads his Tintin which some attract all the greed. The Belgian knows perfectly what he sells but confesses ready to negotiate prices at the opening. " A return of money is always a good sign for a start. Which does not necessarily convince Patrick, in his sixties. " Difficult to do business, they are pros. The atmosphere Braderie debut where we could find a cheap room seems gone. »« We are professionals », He is reminded. However, things seem more balanced in view of the number of objects that change hands. And the trading margins are real and moving. Sometimes half the asking price, sometimes surreally four times more!

Upcoming auctions!

Floriane Gabriels, "Madame Braderie", is on hand to take the pulse of this edition which looks radiant. " It's true, sales are not allowed until Saturday 8 am but we tolerate. I saw bids on a bag that went from 200 to 800 euros! Generally, it goes in the opposite direction …
She slips.

Thinking the device, the assistant director in charge of the event goes around with a team of M6 of what appears as a real little village of second-hand dealers. The exhibition is real as evidenced by the nationalities of sellers and buyers. A Dutchman tries to negotiate an advertising plate in enamelled sheet for 150 euros. " The Standard? I did not clean it. The object, although cluttering, will go away. A salesman delivers this advice: " I
It is better to make big purchases in the morning as long as it is not too hot. " The 30 degrees announced push each other to this cry of warning
: " It will be necessary to hydrate well "Cowardly hilarious a small group, willing to put water in his wine. " How much is the carafe? "

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