Geneva: Nearly a thousand "yellow vests" in front of UN – Switzerland


Nearly a thousand "yellow vests", according to the police, returned to Geneva Saturday to denounce police violence and defend the right to demonstrate in France. They went to the Place des Nations, where they had already gathered in February.

In the early afternoon, they tried to build a human chain from the Place des Nations towards Ferney-Voltaire (F), before gathering in front of the Palais des Nations. This event is part of "Act 42" of the national protest movement. Supporters from all over France met in Geneva.

"We did a tour in France in August to encourage people to come to Geneva to denounce police violence," Keystone-ATS Chloé Frammery, the Geneva co-organizer of the action, told ATS. And to point out that people mutilated during yellow vests "are traumatized by state violence and are now afraid of being in the public space."

Weapons of war

This action in Switzerland is the second of its kind after that of February. A dossier on police violence since 17 November was handed over later this week to the new UN Director-General in Geneva. Another copy is for the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The yellow vests denounce the use of weapons of war, especially the LBD40 made in Thun (BE), which mutilated many protesters. The case also reports injuries resulting from the use of police batons as well as tear gas and encirclement, in violation of French and international law, noted Ms. Frammery.

"Thank you Switzerland"

The demonstrators gradually joined the Place des Nations by chanting "Thank you Switzerland" and by thanking the police for their restraint. "Stop Burr", "Macron resignation" or "Nothing is good in the Macron" were written on the vests. Two women from Annecy were disguised as sans-culottes, "symbols of the people who rise up for their rights," said one of them.

In February, 600 to 1500 French yellow jackets had gathered at the same place to request the sending of UN observers to the repression of their movement. In May, the facade of the French Consulate in Geneva was stained with yellow paint by the Intergalactic Group of Transfrontier Emancipatory Struggles (GILET) in "solidarity" with the victims of police violence.

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