Gas, taxes, schools … What changes on September 1st


■ The conversion premium is changing

Diesel vehicles classified as a Crit'air 2 sticker and registered before 1 September 2019 can no longer benefit from the conversion premium. The government has estimated the bonus conversion too generous. He therefore hardened the conditions considerably to obtain it.

■ Lower regulated gas tariffs

The French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) announced a 0.9% decrease in Engie's gas tariffs on 1 September 2019. " This decrease is 0.2% for customers who use gas for cooking, 0.5% for those who have dual use, cooking and hot water, and 1.0% for households that burn at home. gas "Details the regulator. This decline affects nearly 4.2 million households.

■ Tax at source

The tax authorities could update your tax rate in the event of a change in your family situation. This rate will be applied until August 2020.

■ A barometer of gender inequalities

Companies with more than 250 employees are obliged to publish their "equality index" for men and women. This new tool calculates an overall score on 100 points from five criteria. Below 75 points, the company must regularize its situation within three years. Otherwise, it risks a fine.

■ The end of student social security

All students affiliated to a mutual will automatically be attached to the general health insurance scheme from 1 September. Last year, the lump-sum contribution of € 217 was repealed for all students and the enrollment in the Repealed Student Security for new entrants to higher education, most of them already affiliated to their parents' scheme.

■ Compulsory kindergarten from 3 years old

The school becomes compulsory from three years against six previously. This flagship measure of the law for a school of trust "Will come into effect on September 2nd. This measure is expected to reach 26,000 children. Parents who do not respect this obligation are liable to a fine of 1500 euros.

■ Flags, a hymn and a motto in all classrooms

All classrooms of schools, colleges and high schools will have to display French and European flags, the motto Freedom, Equality, Fraternity And the words of the national anthem.

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