Gas, taxes, conversion premium … which changes on September 1, 2019


Sunday 1st September 2019, new developments are expected in the daily and the portfolio of the French.

Gas will go down slightly on September 1st
Gas will go down slightly on September 1st (© Adobestock)

The beginnings of months and their lots of novelties. From Sunday 1st September 2019, several changes are planned in the everyday life of the French. We are reporting on the good and bad news that lies ahead.

Gas price in (slight) decline

The gas continues its decline, After having experienced a strong increase at the end of the year 2018. Engie's regulated tariffs, applied to 4.3 million French households, will decrease by an average of 0.9%, announced CRE (Regulatory Commission of France). energy), AFP.

It will be 0.2% for customers who use gas for cooking, 0.5% for dual-use, cooking and hot water, and 1.0% for gas-fired households. .

Nearly 40% of gas-fired households in France are at the regulated tariff.

End of the conversion premium for diesel vehicles

Victim of his own success, the conversion bonusn (former scrap premium) was seriously planed on August 1, 2019. Vehicles classified in Vignette Crit'air 2 and registered before September 1, 2019 are no longer eligible. All diesels registered before this date are therefore banned from the device.

This bonus was put in place to encourage the French to buy less polluting vehicles. The government, which had budgeted 600 million euros for the year 2019, has put in place a new scale to exclude cars costing more than 60,000 euros and diesel.

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French flag in classes

Several measures of the Broad Law for a School of Trust Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer will be implemented from September 1st.

The instruction will be compulsory for all three year olds (against 6 before). The measure will concern only 2.5% of children but represents an important stake for territories like Mayotte or Guyana.

The French and European flag, as well as lyrics of the national anthem, should be displayed in all classes of all primary and secondary schools, public or private.

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Change in the withholding tax rate

If your salary or family situation changed when you completed your tax return in the spring of 2019, your withholding tax rate will be reassessed starting September 1st and will apply until August 2020. For those who chose to report the rate to employers, it will be applied directly to your salary.

This rate will then be updated again each year in September.

Abolition of student social security

The student social security scheme will disappear completely on 1 September. Students will therefore be directly attached to the general, agricultural or other system (usually that of parents or legal guardians).

Those enrolled in higher education in 2018-2019 or new students will automatically be attached to the Primary Health Insurance Fund of their place of residence. No action is required for this affiliation, says social security.

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