G7 in the United States: Trump suspected of collusion of interests


Trump caught the hand in the conflict of interest? The US Democrats announced Wednesday the opening of a parliamentary inquiry into Donald Trump's proposal to host the next G7 summit in one of his Florida golf clubs. "The President's personal financial interests are a clear condition of the US government's decisions," Jerry Nadler, who chairs the Judiciary Committee of the Democratic Opposition-controlled House of Representatives, denounced in a statement.

On Monday, for the last day of the G7 in Biarritz, Donald Trump, whose country will take the rotating presidency after France, praised the beauty of his golf club Doral near Miami. "It's a great place. It has a considerable area, several hundred acres, so we can handle any event on site. It is right next to the international airport, one of the largest in the world (…) And each delegation can have its own building, "he praised in front of the press.

The video was relayed by the White House's Twitter account, assuring the president had unveiled "the venue hosting the next summit". The president explains that his staff studied "twelve sites" that are "two to four hours" drive from an airport.

Trump has denied breaking ethical codes by proposing one of his many companies as a framework for a future summit: "I will not get any money at all (…) I do not care about making money He said, adding that being a president would cost him "probably" three to five billion dollars.

On Tuesday, the president reacted strongly to an article by the Miami Herald, denouncing the bed bug infestation of the resort. On Twitter Donald Trump denounced a campaign of "Democrats of the radical left after learning that the site of Doral was under consideration for the next G7.

"The efforts to select the national Trump Doral golf club as the site of the 46th G7 summit are just the latest in a troubling series of corruption and conflict of interest," said Nadler.

His commission is already investigating, in particular, the affairs of the Trump International Hotel in Washington where foreign delegations are descending with the idea of ​​attracting the good graces of the tenant of the White House. But that the tycoon receives revenue from foreign governments is in principle contrary to the US Constitution.

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