Future of Media: Oppositions Urge Legault to Act Before Ottawa


After a week of consultations in the National Assembly on the future of the media, the opposition parties unanimously urged the Legault government to act with nationalism by acting without waiting for Ottawa.

Deploring "a lack of leadership from the government side", "we can not be in the pay of Ottawa, as proposed by François Legault," said Liberal MP Isabelle Melançon.

After a full week of work in a parliamentary committee to look into the media crisis, "there are solutions and many have talked to us, unanimously, of a solution that is to tax the giants of the web: the whole the world agrees with that, "said the member for Verdun.

According to his calculations, the state could fetch about $ 120 million in potential revenues: $ 62 million through the application of the QST and $ 38.8 million in GST on subscriptions to Netflix, plus $ 20 million by imposing a tax 3% on advertising revenues generated by Facebook in Quebec.

Without being able to force Ottawa to impose the GST, Quebec would have the power to tax Facebook's revenues, she said.

"We do not have to be in tow of the federal government," she said. […] In Norway, we do it. In France, we have been able to do it. We will be able to do it in Quebec. "

In turn, PQ MP Harold Lebel urged Prime Minister François Legault to claim powers. "If he is really nationalist, he has evidence to do," said the PQ MP Rimouski.

Dorion "very satisfied"

He and his colleague from Jonquière, Sylvain Gaudreault, seemed to regret that the Solidary MP Catherine Dorion stole the show during the committee's proceedings, when she attacked Pierre Karl Péladeau.

"I think it's a way of putting on a show instead of getting to the bottom of things, but I do not want to start debating it. What matters is the future of the media, "said Gaudreault.

"It's a commission that wanted to be non-partisan," said Mr. Lebel.

Mme Dorion was not surprised to learn, in a chronicle published the pages of the Newspaper, that a clause in the collective agreement of the employees of The Press banned its columnists and columnists from being "hostile" to The Press or "To its ideological orientation".

"No, I was not surprised," she said. […] There is a difference between criticism and hostility. […] I find that a chronicler should […] be hostile to no one. "

In the opinion that the concentration of the press is a "danger for democracy", the member for Taschereau said she was "very satisfied" with her release of Mr. Péladeau, which attracted a lot of attention.

Dorion victim?

"I could not anymore hear Newspaper], our columnists are completely independent and [we] have a very diverse vision. "

"Today you will be watching the reaction of the opinion that works under Quebecor, whether it be QUB animators or columnists from Journal of Quebec, from Montreal, it is unanimous: they defend all their boss. They are giving the perfect example of what I said, "she added.

Asked whether she is at war against Quebecor, Mme Dorion finally hinted that she felt targeted by many columnists of the Newspaper.

"Go see all the notes that have been written about me from Quebecor, do a calculation, look at the diversity of opinions and ask yourself [who makes the war]," she said.

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