Fuel: it's time to fill your tank!


Fuel: it's time to fill your tank!

Naturally, the heat this week is more conducive to thinking about a way to cool than to warm up. And yet, if you are one of the 10 million French who are in fuel, now is the time to ask how to spend the winter warm. Because the price of fuel oil, very sensitive to the evolution of oil prices, is at this time at a reasonable level. "The phone sounds a lot, but it is mostly farmers who want to order GNR (note: non-road diesel). It's nice, they must mow the rushes, the grass that repels after the first mowing ", says this employee at a distributor of fuel oil in the east of France. And the individuals? "It's always summer. Some are not yet thinking of filling their tanks, others just want to find out and think that prices will go down further. Maybe … but nothing is sure. "The lowest price this year was around 89 cents. We are currently around 90 cents. Prices are therefore quite suitable, despite the tensions between the United States and Iran which, for the moment, do not affect world oil prices, "says Frédéric Plan, the delegate general of the French Federation Fuels, fuels and heating (FF3C). At the lowest since January For last year's memory, prices jumped in September to quickly reach 1 € per liter, 10% more expensive than today! And all it takes is a renewed tension on the international scene for prices to soar. Some consumers have already spotted this window shot and, traditionally, past mid-August, orders are leaving. READ ALSO> Why the domestic fuel is in the sights of the government According to the boss of Fioulmarket.fr, Christophe Doussoux, "we attend at home …

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