From lassitude on the Barcelona side to Neymar?


the whistles and insults of the new camp for him. his, leaders will put everything on his back

he throws in the towel. Nsoki in Nice is 12.5M. A little regret for this young, I think he could have been useful and be a good lining Bernat, he wanted to play damage he would have been right back it would have kept. Navas is 13.5-15M, it arrives Monday. Areola will be loaned a year to be Courtois' lining. Some details remains to be settled as who will pay for his salary? Purchase option ? (Edited yesterday at 18:38)

We still sold a lot. I still hope for a side and why not a little surprise signed leo.

The Barca made his departure pay Neymar his departure and the PSG made Neymar pay his attitude. For me nobody wanted this deal, if it had been the case the Barca would have kept Coutinio to include it or the PSG would have accepted alternatives. Hope this makes him a little more humble. I do not like more than Dembele, but the poor become a collateral damage …
Very sad all that, hope not to have the 2nd episode in the winter transfer window …

there will be no 2nd episode but an episode throughout the year, like the series of clan rabiot … except that it is worse it is a telenovela among neymar, with really an acting game from

lol … mdr … pffff … as expected the tramps could not afford! Paris is magical !!! and no offense to all the speakers here, from France and Navarre, a season without injuries and Neymar (with the help of all the others including Mbappé …) will make everyone agree … go Paris.

lol already must he want to play huh

The field just the ground, long live the beautiful football … especially PSG!

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