Free: subscribers can finally migrate to the Delta Freebox S


Until now, Freebox subscribers could not request a migration to the Freebox Delta S offer and were only directed to One or Delta offers "anyway". No solution was therefore offered to customers wishing to take advantage of the Delta offer without the costly Devialet player (whether it's the integrated 4-bay NAS, connected home hub or network capabilities such as xDSL / 4G aggregation, AC 4400 Wi-Fi module and 10 Gb / s fiber). But Free has – finally – heard the call of some of its subscribers and has just opened this possibility.

As a reminder, the Freebox Delta S offer is marketed at a price of € 39.99 per month. Unlike the Delta offer with Devialet player, it does not include access to any multimedia content (no Netflix subscription or TV by Canal offer). As an option, it is still possible to order a 2.5 "hard drive of 1TB or the security pack to the order, items sold € 49 and € 59. Finally, if Free offers the cost of migration to its subscribers the more faithful, € 49 may be charged to newer subscribers wishing to migrate to the Delta S offer from a Crystal Freebox, Mini 4K or Revolution.

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