Fraternities, "bachelorette parties" … in the United States, the strange vogue to separate men and women


Personal memory of the 1990s, just arrived in New York: an invitation to a week of skiing guys only ("Only for the guys"), with a flock of brothers and their father. The wives stayed at home. The powder is first fill, the family wonderfully welcoming. But, after a few days, the French guest begins to find a little … strange absence of women.

Not his guests, on the contrary. They are exulting. "We can let go and say what we want," confides one of the brothers. They are in paradise. In the paradise of men between them.

And women … Aimee Avallone, a TV producer, would not give up anything to her girls'nights out ("Girlfriends nights"), an essential New York institution:

"When you're just dating girls, it's more intimate, unfiltered, relaxed. Women are paying too much attention to what men think. In their presence, they will not talk about cellulite, Botox or their little secrets. "Michelle Perrot: "No society really escapes the hegemony of men"

For Aimee, it goes even further: a student at the University of Castleton, Vermont, she belonged to a sorority (student association) of which she remained very close: "The links we had are always so strong, we make trips together and we find ourselves as if we had left

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