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Christian Jacob, Guillaume Larrivé and Julien Aubert will succeed this Saturday before the militants of the party Republicans gathered for the summer university of La Baule. This end-of-summer rendez-vous sign each year the political return to the right. One of these three deputies, in all probability Christian Jacob, will be elected in October to the presidency of the party.

This will be done without bluster. The LR party is the shadow of what it was. Rolled in the European elections (8.48%), dropped by many executives including Valérie Pécresse, and by the militants, he is subclaquant. The three deputies candidates to resuscitate him are little known to the general public.

New name after the election?

Christian Jacob, a favorite, served as Jacques Chirac's minister and chaired the parliamentary group in the assembly. At 59, his only ambition is to gather all the chapels to make "a great cathedral" and especially avoid any war chiefs. It sounds simple: it will not be.

Its two competitors, Guillaume Larrivé (Yonne) and Julien Aubert (Vaucluse), participate in this election without suspense to cast in public opinion. At 42 and 41, the two enarques, former advisers to Nicolas Sarkozy, are among the left-behind of a right that was scheduled to regain power in 2017. They chose to stay at LR, which should (still) change in name, at the risk of losing more disoriented supporters.

Young against old?

The newly elected young people of the party Republicans, deputies or local elected officials, exhausted to see their elders to fend for themselves, have created a "renewal committee". They will also speak at La Baule. "We want to give a new breath to the right; to present concrete ideas on all topics, especially those that the right has left, "explains the young deputy of the Aisne Julien Dive.

This initiative is badly perceived by Julien Aubert and Guillaume Larrivé. For them, youthism is not a program. Atmosphere …

They insist but many are gone. Valérie Pécresse, having created her microparti (Libres!) Within the LR, has definitely left the movement of Vaugirard Street.

Pécresse in the country of Chirac, Wauquiez in his stronghold

Finding her Chiraquian roots, she makes her return to Brive (Corrèze) in full autonomy (see elsewhere). Nearly forty mayors of moderate right who wish the success of Emmanuel Macron met this Friday around Christophe Béchu, mayor of Angers and close to Édouard Philippe. Other moderate elected members of the daring France were in Nice around Christian Estrosi. Laurent Wauquiez, forced to resign from the presidency LR in June, climb Mont Mezenc on Sunday in Haute-Loire, without the press that is not invited. The president of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region is forgetful of the national scene, probably to better come back.

Xavier Bertrand waiting

The right therefore makes its return in a scattered order, in accordance with the political lines that cross it. Between the conservative right, the moderate right, the one that supports Macron and the one that rejects it, a cat would no longer find her little ones.

The president of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, used to compromises, has the ambition to smooth the disagreements, to save what can be in the perspective of municipal and senatorial that will follow. As a good senator, he works on compromise to create a right and central federating project.

He also talks to Xavier Bertrand, who is waiting on his Aventine des Hauts-de-France. The latter will make his return in September in the new political program of France 2. It is with Nicolas Sarkozy the most popular personality right. Appeal ?


adherents Republicans would be up to date with their

contribution. A figure in free fall: as of December 31, 2015, they were 238,000.

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