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GAZ – Regulated tariffs drop by 0.9%

The announcement was made Tuesday by the Energy Regulatory Commission: the regulated gas tariffs, applied by Engie, will fall on average by 0.9% on 1 September. This decline affects some 4.3 million households, or 40% of the French population.

"This decrease is 0.2% for customers who use gas for cooking, 0.5% for those who have dual use, cooking and hot water, and 1.0% for homes that heat gas, "details the regulator.

As of July 1, 2019, regulated natural gas tariffs had already fallen by 6.8% on average and by 0.5% in August. These rates have been decreasing since December 2018.

Visactu infographic
Visactu infographic

Taxes – Reassessment of your withholding tax rate

If your income or family situation changed on your tax return last spring, the tax authorities recalculated your withholding tax rate. This new rate, communicated to your employer, will be applied from the salary of September 2019 until August 2020.

If however you benefit from a neutral rate, it will not be re-evaluated.

Student – The student social security scheme disappears definitively

From September 1st, all students will be enrolled in the Health Insurance, thus acting the definitive disappearance of the special schemes of students. If the students who entered the superior in September 2018 are already attached to the general plan, the affiliation of all students is now mandatory for the fall of 2019.

Do not panic, however, for this approach: it is done automatically on August 31 and the students concerned will be attached to the Primary Health Insurance Fund of their place of residence. Student mutuals may continue to offer student-specific supplementary insurance.

School – Entry into force of the law "for a school of trust"

The official start is not the 1st but September 2nd, but it brings a lot of changes in the classes of your children. The reason ? The promulgation in the Official Journal last July 28 of the law "for a school of trust".

As of September, compulsory education thus goes from six to three years. This measure will affect 26,000 children who are currently out of school. Nearly 98% are indeed already in kindergarten from this age.

French and European flags, motto "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" and the words of the national anthem will now be displayed in the classrooms of schools, colleges and high schools.

The implementation of staff reductions in CP and CE1 in Rep and Rep + ends at the start of the school year.

This comeback is also an opportunity to continue the reform of the baccalaureate. If it will only be effective in June 2021, it prepares upstream. As a result, there will be changes this year for First Class students, who will be the first to take the exam in its new form. The S, ES and L series are deleted and replaced by specialty courses.

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