France / Italy now holds the record for the worst attendance of the Stade de France


Despite a good performance on the field against Italy, the players of the XV of France failed to attract their supporters at the Stade de France.

(HEARINGS) Commissioner Magellan attracts more viewers than the Blues(HEARINGS) Commissioner Magellan attracts more viewers than the BluesIt is not only the hearings of the Blues who are at half mast. The influx of games Tricolores are also struggling. This Friday night, only 30,000 fans were present to encourage the men of Jacques Brunel before their departure for Japan. One third had been invited for the occasion. The third floor of the Dionysian precinct had not been opened. Only the first floor, closest to the ground was refueled. As for the second floor, it was only filled 20% and again, since it was the press gallery, it was deserted.

A record for the XV of France. The worst affluence for a match of France in Saint-Denis was held by the match against Samoa in 2012 with 36,000 people.The recent defeat against Fiji in November had attracted 42,000 souls. An hour before the start of the match against Italy, the Stade de France was hard to see. However, the spectators present sometimes made more noise than when the stadium is full. Note that at the hearings level, the match brought together 3 012 000 viewers in front of the match, representing 17.6% of the market share.Photo credit: Clément Suman

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