Four young people vandalize a supermarket in Europe? False: the scene is happening in the United States


Two publications shared more than a thousand times in less than 24 hours claim to show four young men vandalizing a radius of a European supermarket. The scene actually took place in the United States.

"Chances for Europe in one of their favorite activities, vandalism", write the authors of the Facebook and Twitter posts below.

Screenshots Facebook and Twitter taken on 29/08/2019

On the video, four young men are in a supermarket. The four seize sodas, uncork them and drink a sip. Then the group ransacked the shelf, throwing drinks and rolls of toilet paper on the floor.

In the comments, the author of the tweet above repeatedly supports that the scene unfolded "in Great Britain"and not in the United States, as suggested by many Internet users.

Twitter screenshot taken on 29/08/2019

We found the same high quality video on YouTube. The video was posted on July 8, 2019.

Two other videos, posted by the same page on June 6 and July 8, show the same group engaging in similar acts in a supermarket.

YouTube screenshot taken on the 29/08/2019

In another video available on YouTube, and showing the same group, the logo of the US supermarket chain Walmart is visible, suggesting that the scene took place in the United States.

YouTube screenshot taken on the 29/08/2019

The Instagram profiles of two of the group members – listed in the caption of one of the three YouTube videos above – confirm that they live in the United States.

In addition, an attentive viewing of the first video identifies several American brand products, including Bounty toilet paper and C & H sugar.

YouTube screenshots taken on the 29/08/2019

Finally, the inscription "Favorites" above a refrigerated showcase of the supermarket corresponds to the American spelling. If the scene had taken place in Britain, as stated by the author of the tweet above, the word would have been rather spelled "Favorite".

YouTube screenshot taken on the 29/08/2019

Contacted Thursday morning on Instagram, one of the youth visible on the video had not responded to our message.

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