Forty migrants, including three Moroccans, die in a shipwreck


A blue inflatable boat carrying 65 people is visible in this photo, obtained on July 5, 2019 thanks to Sea-eye. / Ph. Reuters
At least forty people died after a ship sank with migrants off the coast of Libya. Among the people who perished would be a man, a woman and a child, all of Moroccan nationality, according to news agencies AFP and ANSA, quoted by Euronews.

The Libyan navy, with the help of fishermen, reportedly rescued 65 others, mainly from Sudan.

"On the road linking Libya to Europe, we observe an extremely worrying increase in the number of deaths (…) Although, compared to previous years, the total number of arrivals in Europe is significantly reduced, the crisis of death at sea persists, "said the spokesman of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Charlie Yaxley, also cited by the same sources.

It is for this reason that UNHCR "calls for the return of rescue vessels from European countries" to operate in the Mediterranean, in a context where humanitarian organizations consider that the current situation "can not continue, especially since at least 426 people have died in the Mediterranean since the beginning of the year. "

About 4,800 refugees are currently being held in detention centers on Libyan territory in critical human conditions, which the UN Secretariat has previously alerted.

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