Form 1 | 'He was suffering too much from the pressure': Horner justifies the eviction of Gasly


After swearing the opposite for several weeks, Red Bull finally decided to replace Pierre Gasly by Alexander Albon to begin the second half of the season.

In a hurry to explain the reasons for the choice, Christian Horner, the director of Red Bull, admitted that the leaders of the Austrian team had "Took a little time to think after the Hungarian Grand Prix. "

"Hungary was of course a difficult weekend for Pierre. We arrived at this conclusion. It was almost more accurate for Pierre, and from the point of view of the team, to say: 'we are in a unique situation, we have four cockpits in F1, let Peter take some pressure off'. "

Was the French problem primarily a mental problem according to Christian Horner?

"He was suffering from this pressure of course. The situation was getting worse. We decided to give him time to rebuild at Toro Rosso, and give Alex a chance. "

It would also have been possible to bring Daniil Kvyat back to Red Bull. The Russian, who climbed on the podium at Hockenheim, would not have stolen it either.

"We know Daniil Kvyat very well, we see his potential" continues Horner. "But we also saw the potential of Alex, including in the simulator. So we decided to use these nine races to evaluate it by Abu Dhabi, to see who will be Max Verstappen's teammate for next year. "

Alexander Albon will he succeed to adapt more quickly than Pierre Gasly at Red Bull? The first signs are encouraging: during the EL1 at Spa, the Thai pointed at only one-tenth of Max Verstappen (who does not yet have the new specification of the Honda power unit).

"In terms of aerodynamics, the characteristics between Red Bull and Toro Rosso are very different" explains Horner. "The only similarity is the power unit, but even their exploitation is different between the teams. So it's very different for him, and it's already very impressive to see him climb into the car and adapt. He is a very intelligent young driver. Using this intelligence, in his preparation, and in the simulator, he did a great job for his first outing. "

Who will be supporting Max Verstappen in 2020 at Red Bull? Alexander Albon? Or a driver outside the Red Bull sector? The name of Nico Hulkenberg circulates precisely with insistence … Christian Horner can it confirm?

"It depends of course on the course of the next races. Ideally, we will look in this pool of three pilots (Daniil Kvyat, Alexander Albon and Pierre Gasly). "

"If Nico Hülkenberg is on the market, and of course it is (will he be a Haas driver next year?), We would rather choose one of these three drivers who are under contract with us. "

Formally, Christian Horner does not discard the track Nico Hulkenberg, without making it a priority.

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