Form 1 | Albon: Verstappen pretended it was 'easy enough'


Alexander Albon started to make his mark at Red Bull Racing, first at the factory this week, then on track at Spa this weekend.

The young driver is aware of the pressure exerted on him, especially since a certain Max Verstappen proved 3 years ago that you could win directly by arriving in a new team!

While the Dutch had benefited from the clash of the two Mercedes in Spain in 2016, he had held the entire race. A good example that is not easy to re-edit according to Albon.

"You may think that moving to another team and a different car is quite easy, Max Verstappen seems to have demonstrated that in 2016 by winning in his first race with Red Bull – well, it certainly is not!" commented the Thai.

"I'm still learning my job as an F1 driver, I notice that my performance is really growing, I feel that I'm really much more comfortable at the beginning of the season, and I know there's a lot more to learn for me, maybe not so much in terms of driving, if you consider it to be the most natural part, it's mostly the way to interact with the team. "

Albon says he is still lacking technical skills compared to more experienced F1 drivers.

"It is important that I improve my feedback and that I understand the car and all the problems so I know immediately who to talk to for a particular question, for example. a big margin of progress. "

The new Red Bull Racing driver knows he is playing to keep this bucket for 2020, as Christian Horner made clear. He does not talk about pressure but intimidation.

"Yes, I'm now in a Formula 1 that can win races, it seems a bit intimidating, it's not that I'm not ready for that, but, as I said, I could have been more prepared for that if I could have continued my apprenticeship at Toro Rosso. "

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