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In the stands of Ibrox Stadium ... (Frédéric Mons / The Team)

Europa League

The Glasgow Rangers will have to leave three thousand free places in the next Europa League game they will play at home. And that because of anticatholic songs sung Thursday by their supporters.

The Glasgow Rangers will have to leave a sector of at least three places empty in their next Europa League home game. UEFA's supervisory, ethical and disciplinary body has sanctioned a "Racist behavior" supporters of the Scottish club of Protestant tradition, in this case anticatholic songs during the match against Legia Warsaw, last week in Poland. This will apply to the next Europa League Rangers game at Ibrox Stadium against FC Porto, Young Boys Bern or Feyenoord Rotterdam.

The Rangers qualified for the C 3 group matches on Thursday night against the Legia, already playing in front of a stadium emptied of an area of ​​three thousand fans. This first sanction of UEFA was also due to a "Racist behavior" against the Gibraltar club St. Joseph, July 18.

All groups of the Europa League

Rangers fans, a club of Protestant tradition, are used to anticatholic chants against their great Glasgow rival, Celtic. Thursday at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, supporters of Legia Warsaw responded to the songs heard the week before in the first leg in Poland by a poster of the former Polish Pope John Paul II, accompanied by his famous formula "N'ayez not afraid ".

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